Emotion Code: 5 Questions About Removing Your Heart Wall With The Emotion Code

What Is My Heart Wall?

The heart wall is an energetic wall around our heart. One we build to protect ourselves, but unfortunately it keeps us locked inside unable to really feel the giving and receiving of love. It also contributes to blocking our flow of abundance – especially financial.


Why Did I Create A Heart Wall?

We built this energetic wall around our heart when we were hurt and wanting to either stop feeling that pain or to ward off more pain, and so we have stopped the flow to our good as well. If we want nothing to touch us for fear it will be bad, then we also shut out the good too. Our heart is the most powerful area of our body, generating 60-1000 times more electromagnetic energy than our brain, this is where we feel the joy of life, this is where we feel the peace as well. 8 out of 10 people build a heart wall and even though you think you need that protection, in fact you don’t because those pains are over now, protecting against them in the future is just staying stuck in the fear of the what ifs and the past.


What Will I Experience When My Heart Wall Is Removed?

At an energy level you will be putting out a different vibrational rate once your heart wall is removed. So therefore you will attract different circumstances into your life. You won’t feel as guarded and perhaps now people may see you, or feel drawn to you who may not have noticed you before. Interactions with people will feel different. Perhaps you won’t be so bothered by people and their behaviour. You may feel more a desire to connect with people in a different way. And perhaps a wish to feel love again when that wasn’t your intention before.


You may also notice a change in your financial situation as the heartwall is you connection to your abundance.


How Long Will It Take To Clear My Heart Wall And Will It Hurt?

My clients find this takes 7 sessions. Not sure why 7 but that’s the way spirit works with me. You may find you have echos of the emotions that are released, but they will be nothing like the original intensity of emotion and they will last for a very short time, perhaps 1-2 days, if that.


Will My Heart Wall Come Back?

The trapped emotions that have been released won’t come back. They were connected to past situations. With those emotions cleared you won’t have the past hurts lingering around to build more hurt on top of what you are already unconsciously feeling. Of course we aren’t static beings and you may create another heart wall if you find yourself in a new hurtful situation that you want to protect yourself from. These trapped emotions can be released.


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