Are You Staying Small or Invisible to be Safe?

It’s Hard

I’m writing a course at the moment and it’s like pushing a boulder up a hill. There are times I get some traction and I’m doing well but it wasn’t flowing like writing articles flows for me. I figured I had bitten off more than I could chew. I also notice that every step of the way I am encountering blockages to heal in myself.


Past Lives

I’m working through two past lives in my dreams at the moment. The first life I saw a Hasidic Jew, with the curls. That was all. That image has been healing so much for me. The second energy is of the Holocaust where I was in a concentration camp.


There are lots of areas of healing in the holocaust life, but this article is about what I discovered about the Hasidic Jew energy. I’ve been told by other healers that part of my soul gift that comes easily to me in this life, is writing.


Disowning Knowledge

My whole life has been about knowledge, books and writing. But I never saw it. I even worked as an editor for a period of time. I thought I wrote articles to market my website and share my journey. I didn’t even factor in that I was writing. It was just the means to an end.


The energy that I disowned was that I am a Spiritual Writer.


I disowned being a writer because in history people who were keepers of the knowledge, or people who wrote spiritual books were persecuted in some way.


So I was scared. More than scared. I was terrified.


On some level it felt as if I twisted into a pretzel to deny I was writing. Or that I am a writer.


No wonder I was struggling big time with writing the course. The minute you put any type of writing out there for people to buy then you are seen as an Authority. I was terrified to own any authority at all, especially about spiritual knowledge.


Spiritual Knowledge

I love spiritual knowledge, and feel that this is perhaps the first time in history that spiritual knowledge is allowed a visible place. The fact there are so many books out there on spiritual topics shows that the old knowledge wants to come through again and be made visible.


Books may have been destroyed but the knowledge isn’t gone.


One part of me wants to write and there’s another part of me wanting to stay invisible. Owning knowledge meant death and destruction in days gone by. Even up until the second world war.


The fear I had to work through felt like I was going to die. Such old deep fears. I had to use alot of healing modalities on this one.


I’m way more nervous putting this article out there than any other article I’ve written in a long time.


Today I stand before you and own that I am a Spiritual Writer.