Law of Attraction/Manifesting

Law of Attraction in Relationships

I just read this awesome book and I always like to pass on information when I am impressed. It’s called The Secret Laws of Attraction – The Effortless Way to Get the Relationship You Want by Talane Miedaner.   Basically the premise is that we all have needs. And if we aren’t meeting them then […]

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Does the Universe have your back?

I wanted to share a story from my life that embodied for me that the Universe has my back.   15 months ago my ex partner of 10 years told me out of the blue he was leaving me. Of course now I see that was all perfect but at the time I was devastated, […]

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Is your Free Will working for you or against you?

Ive just been listening to Wayne Dyers audio cd about The Power of Intention. He has some good points that have totally changed the way I see Free Will.   He says : “At any moment in time all spirit is concentrated at the point where you focus your own intention.   Therefore you can […]

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