Do You Have a Fear of Too Much Abundance?

Often we see the world through the filter of there not being enough; not enough money, not enough time, we just don’t feel we have enough of what we need to get by. To have life go the way we want.


Have you considered how it would feel to have what it is you want? Have the amount of money you want? Have the choices you want?


So take a bit of time to really ponder that. See it in your mind. Feel it in your heart. What’s going on in your gut?What is it you want? To win lotto? One million dollars? Buy a boat. A new house? Quit your job?


What happens when you focus on that money. On that new car. On that freedom you want to just take a holiday or buy that expensive wardrobe.


Have you heard the “but’s” yet? Do you feel the resistance?


So who would take care of the kids if you got to take that 6 month holiday, what would your friends think if you ponced around in a really expensive wardrobe. Would you have to move house and all the responsibility with doing that if you decided to buy a new house. Would you be able to trust people if you won lotto? Would it be too scary to be in that boat on the water?


Then you tell yourself, well maybe if you only wanted half of what it was you were envisioning, then it wouldn’t be so hard to handle.


See how you’re putting up walls to abundance and trying to control the flow so it’s not too overwhelming?


Try this.


I want you to see what it is you want out in front of you, now put up a screen between you and what it is you want. Trust the image you get. It might be like a flyscreen door, it might be a piece of netting, it might be like a brides veil. A piece of glass. Something that allows the essence in of what it is you want, but stops the resistance to receiving it and you shutting down and walling it off.


One of our greatest needs is to feel safe, and this is still present even when we desire what we want.


Can you find a way to safely receive Abundance?