Do You Purify Other People’s Emotions?

On Monday mornings I often wake up anxious. Tuesday mornings not so much. This morning I woke up doubly anxious as my son had a job interview at 9am. I have always felt my children’s emotions around heightened states.


Half the time I wonder why I’m so anxious. I have my usual workday ahead of me. No surprises.


I was reading a book recently about Soul Astrology at Amazon Understanding Karmic Complexes
and Book Depository Understanding Karmic Complexes and it appears the node that is about my soul karma says that I’m a purifier. I purify others energies around me.


Which is sort of what I do in my job as an intuitive/healer.


Living across the road from a primary school I wonder if I feel the kiddies anxiety at school going to school as well.


Having a soul purpose that involves serving, I really am going the extra mile to the detriment of myself. I’m taking on way too much responsibility. Unconsciously.


It’s just so easy for me to do it. It’s second nature. Perhaps it’s a life lesson for me in this lifetime, to learn not to absorb others emotions as if I’m an emotional garbage disposal unit.


So now faced with writing a course about Ancestors I wonder if I am taking on my ancestors unhealed emotions too.


No wonder my nervous system is screaming at me. It’s having to process a lot more energy than my own.


I know a few tricks; asking whose energy it is, is it mine? That one seems to work the best and I always feel a shift in my energy when I ask that. But do I have to be asking myself that question every half hour?


I have in no way mastered this issue, I suspect for a lot of empaths it’s our number one issue, absorbing too much energy that isn’t our own.


Do you purify other’s emotions?