How do Past Lives affect you today?

I’ve grappled with the impact of past lives for a while until I came to Soul Realignment. I’m not disputing that they exist, but more so that they still affect us.


I was always under the impression that whatever we brought through from a Past Life would be recreated in this lifetime and we can stay in this lifetime to heal it.


But not so.


It’s mindboggling though to think of all the blocks we could have brought through from Past Lives. The further we go back in time I think the harder life would have been, harder surviving conditions. But I suppose thats just from a human perspective, from a Soul perspective we have alot more choice about what we were born into, and the lessons we were learning.


Often times if you have an area of your life that you’ve tried alot of modalities to heal, it will probably have its origins in a Past Life.


As we aren’t victims, there will be reasons at a Soul level that we have chosen to not let those experiences and pain go, perhaps we made a contract or vow to someone, or God, and we feel we still owe it to that Soul to keep our side of the debt going. Perhaps we feel if we let it go it will come back to bite us on the butt. Perhaps we haven’t paid off our karma yet.


Often alot of phobias will have their origins in Past Lives, the sticky ones that modalities like EFT dont clear.


As we incarnate with our Soul Group, it stands to reason that the people around us who are dear to us, will trigger up unresolved memories from these lives.


In Soul Realignment we don’t go back to Past Lives for information sake, just to be nosey, we go back to heal those blocks and restrictions that are still impacting us today. Why we can’t seem to move forward in a certain area of our lives, why some people just irritate us and we can’t work out why. Why it’s hard to let some people go. Why we have birthmarks in certain places.


Looking into the Akashic Records is the way I review these Past Lives and what is needed for your next layer of healing.