Is This One Core Belief Affecting Your Whole Life?


When I got up this morning I proceeded to vacuum the lounge as we were having a property inspection today. I didn’t worry about it too much as the property manager knows we keep the house clean.


I realised when I was vacuuming that I was going over spots twice, and asked myself what I was thinking, because I knew this inspection was no big deal.


I heard “You’ve done something wrong.”


Then a flood of realisations came into my mind. If I don’t turn that belief in against myself, I turn it out on others.


Everything in my life is filtered through that belief. To the point its caused perfectionism and OCD with checking I have done something, or being on top of things.


I noticed too that it wasn’t “I’ve” but “You’ve”, as if it was something coming from outside of me.


Being Wrong

My son came around last night for dinner and to show me his photos from his holiday in Europe. He went to Auschwitz, and I realised that belief is rife in that camp too. Those poor people were treated as if they had done something wrong just for being born who they were.


Everything in my life has been slapped with this belief.


The abortion I had, every decision I have made, even down to a daily basis about what order I choose to do things in. My friend who died didn’t fight for her life, and I didn’t do any healing on her.


I’m working on my fitness at the moment, and I’m sore ALL the time, so I think I’ve done something wrong. To the point that I’ve asked a personal trainer about it.


Taking medication for high blood pressure means I must have done something wrong.


I think the core of it in this lifetime was the energy from my Grandmother to my Mother and her disapproval at my conception.


Wrong Direction

On a physical level the adrenals really get taxed by this belief. The adrenals are about providing energy to drive you in the right direction, but if you’re always telling yourself that you’re heading in the wrong direction, making the wrong decision, then the adrenals never get a rest.



On the positive side it has lead me down a lot of avenues I may not have gone down, maybe I wouldn’t have achieved all I have if I didn’t have this belief. Maybe I wouldn’t have started this business if I didn’t have this belief.


Maybe believing that this belief has impacted my life detrimentally is still this belief operating lol


Do You Have This Core Belief Driving You?