Loren Teague

I’m deeply saddened by the shocking news today that an old friend, Loren Teague, passed away early December 2009 from breast cancer that had metastised. I met Loren online in the 90s when we were two budding writers. We formed Pen and Ink Services and worked on editing manuscripts together. We met only once but that didn’t seem to be an issue because it was like we were next door neighbours, running an internet business in the early days of the internet.


Loren realised her dream of being a published novelist. Her books are on amazon, just google her name.


She was born in Scotland and she had an amazing ability to describe scenery and create an atmosphere that you literally felt you were standing in that countryside.


When we moved on from our business together, we used to connect in every year on Anzac Day, one of us emailing the other and talking about that day which we both felt a connection with. Her parents both passed away in the time I knew her and I know this had a huge impact on her. Last time we connected, she was always bright and optimistic.


She was only 50 and was survived by her son, Sam.


Go well Loren, thank you for the time we spent together, I will miss you, and I love you heaps. xxxx