The Sway Test – Helping You Make Decisions

For years now I have been using a pendulum and finger muscle testing for my clients. Its like second nature to me and I trust it totally.

But when it comes to using a pendulum and finger testing for myself I don’t trust it so much. I wonder how much I influence my results.


Over Empathy

I’m working on my over-empathy this year, and I’m doing a wonderful course on a website that is probably the best information I’ve come across regards suffering with empathy. You can check it out here.


How To Do The Sway Test

On the course she gets us to do the sway test. At first I resisted, I figured I do muscle testing anyway, but she suggested I try it because its much harder to influence the whole body than it is a pendulum.


Basically, make sure you are hydrated first, you stand up, and plant your feet into the ground, and get yourself stable. And say “I am…” and then your name to yourself or out loud. Wait for your body to respond. Usually you will start to feel a movement forward, like a pulling. You will sway forward. Then say “I am…” and then a name that isn’t your own, and you will feel a sway backwards. It wont be enough to pull you off your feet.


You can start to test many things, you can think of something you want to test, like food, or you can hold the object. You could say, is it ok for me to eat a banana right now? And see which way you sway.


You may find that it changes hourly what you can eat. Try it with what clothes your body wants to wear.



It may not work for everything, but keep trying. It may also be the way you phrase the question. You could ask, Is this shampoo ok to use right now, you may get a yes, you could then ask, is this the best shampoo I could use right now. and you may get a no.

Its all in the questions.

So regards empathy, you can ask, if you are feeling an emotion, is this anger mine? And see which way you move. If you move forward and get a yes, you can ask who’s it is and make suggestions, or just ask that the energy be returned to sender with love. As its not your energy to carry.


Let me know how you get on.