Ancestral Healing


Ancestral Healing by email


Your ancestors’ unfinished business and unresolved issues are passed down to you energetically and they can still be affecting you today.


Some examples of ancestors’ unfinished business and unresolved issues are:


  • Unhealed grief
  • Alcoholism
  • Religion
  • War
  • Slavery – ill-gotten gains and injustice
  • Disease
  • Early childhood deaths
  • Ill Health


We have psychic links to our ancestors. You inherit these unresolved emotional issues because not only do you carry the genes of your ancestors, you also carry a cellular memory of what went on in their lives.


As a result, the unresolved issues impact relationships, finances, career choice, fears that don’t belong to you, blocks to love and health and much more.


If you feel compelled to do this type of healing, then chances are your ancestors are calling you to work on their issues, which are now echoed in your issues.


Ancestral Healing will clear the unresolved energy. By doing this work, we acknowledge our ancestors and this is what they need to heal as well.


Please read Ancestral Healing for more details on what is involved with this healing. As I would like you to be involved in the process, if you can, provide me with a chart of your family tree, with only direct family members, ie: father,mother, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents. Put as much information as you can about what you know. If you don’t have this, it’s ok. You may also approach this from issues in this lifetime, ie: you want to clear issues that are ancestral that are contributing to the blockages in different areas of your life. ie: relationships, finances etc. I will send you a report of what I found after I do the healing. The actual clearing of the ancestral energy I use the emotion code. Subsequent session after the initial session are half price because I have your family dynamic.


If you want to further explore your ancestral journey, discover my Clear Your Ancestral Karma e-Course here. In this course, you will find out why and how your ancestors affect you, but also how to heal and free yourself from their energies.


ANCESTRAL 1st session US$220

ANCESTRAL 1st session – Installments – US$110 x 2 WEEKLY payments

ANCESTRAL 1st session – Installments – US$110 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments

ANCESTRAL Subsequent sessions US$110

“You cleared many negative emotions from my mother in the first healing session as I took off for a 2 week break to Holland. FYI, I and my sister have been avoiding my mother FOR YEARS because she’s very judgmental, constantly puts us down, gives dispiriting comments when we tell her about our career plans, it’s either her way or high way, and she suffocates us.During my holiday, I also attended some job interviews as I am planning to live permanently there. When I returned home, I expected negative reviews from my mum but what happened was totally the opposite. We had this care free and relaxed conversation We never had in judging or negative comments when I told her how the interviews went. She’s been also loving, supportive, and less negative. She said she believed I’d get a nice job in Holland (she always said the opposite before the healing). I’ve one female colleague at work who always gives me a strong negative vibe..I mean I guess she perhaps has some negative opinions about me and I could feel it even when she walked past my office room. Despite her negative vibe to me, I still treated her with respect and spoke to her politely but deep down I was sad. One of the most profound negative vibe was when she heard I’d get an income raise in a huge percentage (she was the one to know while I wasn’t aware of it yet). When I left for holiday, she had to cover for my work. Again I expected messy files, disorganised letters (she’s a messy woman herself), and more negative vibe for covering for someone she doesn’t really like. To my surprise on my first day back to work, she welcomed and gave me a big hug (a sincere one so I hugged her back) nicely asked how my holiday was in Holland. No messy files and everything was in order as I entered my office. Our relationship kind of flows afterwards and I haven’t yet felt any negative vibe from her. I didn’t change the way I treated and spoke to her.”
U, Indonesia