Astral Entity Removal


Earthbound Spirit Release/Astral Entity Clearing by email


Astral Entities (also known as Earthbound Spirits) are spirits in the astral realm who are either stuck or don’t want to move on and cross over. To be more specific they are the emotional and mental bodies of deceased people.


Astral entities are surprisingly common and it’s also spiritual people and practitioners who have a problems with them as astral entities can be attracted to your higher energy field.


Astral entities not only drain your energy, as they don’t have their own source of energy, but they also amplify your negative emotions. People think that entities create these emotions and inflict them on you, but in fact they vibrate at the rate of your negative emotions and exaggerate how you feel.


An astral entity clearing will move these entities along and solidify your aura and boundaries. You will be left feeling more centred, less attracted to be around people who do have entities attached, more able to focus, and most noticeably having a sense of emotional equilibrium.


Please read Astral Entities for more information.


Astral Entity Clearing session US$125/or by email