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Business Clearing by Email


Whether you are self-employed, in partnership, have a company, or work for someone else’s business, you are affected by the energy of the *business* and its accumulated energy.


The business is a separate entity than you. The Government sees it as an entity in its own right and taxes it accordingly. It has a conception, a birth, a life of its own; and holds the hopes and dreams, worries and fears; just like a person.


It is a Spiritual Entity.


Even though it doesn’t have a body, (I’m not talking about the building at a physical address), it still holds the thoughts, emotions and spiritual energy of the business. A LOT of time is spent thinking, worrying, and emotionally focused on the business.


And this energy can cause stagnation and blocks.


Reasons you may want a Business clearing:


  • You’re trying to sell your business
  • You feel angry at work
  • You fight and have conflicts
  • You don’t feel heard, seen or valued
  • You want a better relationship with your business
  • You feel a slave to your business emotionally (this is different than working hard)
  • You want to create a boundary with your business
  • Your feel drained by your work
  • You feel unsupported at work
  • You have money blocks, creative blocks
  • You have staff problems
  • You aren’t acknowledged for your hard work
  • You feel overwhelmed and out of your depth
  • Things aren’t flowing
  • Things feel stale and old
  • You’ve taken every training out there on business methods and still not getting anywhere


Things that can’t be cleared with this healing:


  • You are being abused at work and need to leave
  • You have a gap in your knowledge and need to learn aspects of your business like marketing and sales and how to set up a newsletter or how to network


This clearing is in two parts.

I will:


  • Clear these blocks with various methods I use, as well as see what my intuition tells me
  • Send you a report about what I cleared
  • After this I will ask you to do a powerful written exercise for me and tell me the results of what you found


After purchase please contact me.


1 Business Clearing by Email US$150

1 Business Clearing by Email – Installments –  US$75 x 2 WEEKLY payments

1 Business Clearing by Email – Installments –  US$75 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments

If you work in 2 businesses.


2 Business Clearings by Email US$250

2 Business Clearings by Email – Installments –  US$83.33  x  3  WEEKLY payments

2 Business Clearings by Email – Installments –  US83.33 x 3  FORTNIGHTLY payments