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Privacy Policy

Due to the new EU GDPR laws, if you sign up to my newsletter, your name and email address is stored in AWEBER, a well trusted website. I do not use, sell, share your details with anyone. I only send intermittent emails. If you signed up for a course or mini course, your information will be stored the same. As there was a double optin, you agree with this policy. If for any reason you feel you don’t want to receive my emails, please contact me or click unsubscribe on the emails.

I don’t know what healing session to book?

I have various articles on my blog about the different healings. If you want to disconnect energetically from a person then I suggest cord cutting, if you want to deal with specific issues, like love, finances, etc, then I suggest the emotion code. If you want a clearing at a soul level which includes past life healings, then I suggest the Soul Healings.

I’m not sure whether to get a Cord Cutting or a Relationship Healing?

Ideally it would be good to do both, but a Cord Cutting helps with feeilng more disconnected from the baggage with this person in this lifetime, the Relationship Healing works in the Akashic Records and clears out Soul connections that aren’t for your highest good. People who are attracted to this healing often have Past Lives that need clearing with this person. Old patterns being played out in this lifetime, that need to be cleared.

Is there a difference in receiving a live cord cutting session on skype or a remote session by email?

No difference at all. We are all connected energetically so sending you a report by email is no different than a live session.

Do you work with everyone?

No, I don’t work with everyone. The people who are suited for my readings and healings are:

  • You are on a path of healing or personal growth and you identify as a spiritual person.
  • You don’t expect me to be a miracle worker nor do you see my sessions as a magic bullet – you know that getting what you want in life requires effort and action.

Do you do free readings?


Do you do in person readings?


Do you do mediumship readings?

Not anymore.

Can I pay you another way other than paypal?

I only accept paypal now. You can still pay me if you just have a credit card on the paypal site.

Do you charge in NZ or US dollars?

I charge in US dollars.

I don’t know what to do after I’ve paid, do I contact you?

Once you have paid you will be redirected to a page where you can read the instructions for the session and what you need to provide me. I have a scheduling system so I will assign the first date on my schedule for you if it is an email session. If it is a live session then we can work out a suitable time.

What are your Terms of Service?

In buying a session from me, you give me your permission to work on your behalf.

Terms of Service:In order to book a slot on my calendar, please use the payment buttons below. Please note that I’m not able to put you on my calendar until you purchase a session via the website.

When purchasing an installment plan you are legally obligated to make all the payments in the plan.

Disclaimer: My readings do not substitute for psychological or medical advice. Please see your Doctor. I do not work with people in crisis please see your Doctor or a licensed therapist. My readings also do not substitute for financial or legal advice.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

I do not give refunds on completed readings. Please give me 24 hours notice if you would like to reschedule your reading. If not there is a US$20 admin fee to reschedule or if you cancel and want a refund in that 24 hour period. If we make an appointment and you don’t show up for it, I will wait 10 minutes and then conclude that you aren’t showing up.

do not refund for missed appointments.

It takes energy for me to hold that space and prepare and I will not be able to find someone else for that reading slot.

 Rescheduling fee US$20

I don’t have skype, will you phone me?

I can call the UK, USA, Australia and NZ, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland (republic), I don’t call mobile phones, I don’t call Europe. You can call me though.