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HealingCutting Cords Of Attachment – What Will Happen To Your Relationship?
Cord Cutting

Cutting Cords Of Attachment – What Will Happen To Your Relationship?

A big fear that people have with cutting cords of attachment to their loved ones is that in some way they will either lose the relationship or it will get worse.


It’s pretty easy to want to cut cords with people you feel had a negative impact on your life, but what about say cutting cords of attachment with your children? Or your parents?


Let me clarify. What you are disconnecting from are the negative patterns in your relationship. In respect of say your children it may be that you have a relationship with them that is the best you could do at the time when they were young, but now you have evolved and moved past your parents style of raising children and wish you could have done it differently.


Afterall none of us are perfect and with cutting cords of attachments you can free yourself of the energy you still have running in that relationship so that you have a choice about how you relate to each other now.


You are not cutting with unconditional love and the loving aspect of your relationship, that doesn’t have to be healed. You are cutting with the patterns that are running between you whether it be something you created or the other person created and you are on the receiving end.


You are not working on healing the other person, divine homeostasis takes care of that after you cut the cord of attachment between you. You are working on healing your end and how it affects you to be still running this cord with limiting patterns in it.


Your relationship will change but only because you don’t have the negative patterns still attached to your energy.


Surely you can only benefit from being disconnected from this energy, energy that isn’t serving you.


The love and connection is still there, only the limiting energy has gone.

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