Emotion Code – Heartwall Clearing

Emotion Code- Heart Wall Clearing by Email


  • Is your heart preventing you from having the life and relationships you want?
  • Do you have anxiety, depression, ill-health or are you blocked in an area of your life?


If so, you may have trapped negative emotions that are sabotaging your health and well-being.


When we are in pain, we build an energetic wall around our heart to ward off more pain and stop the flow to our good.


Not only are trapped emotions lodged in the heart, they can be lodged anywhere in the body, affecting all areas of your life.


In my experience, people can have up to 50 trapped emotions in their heart.


We live in a repressed and addictive society, rather than feeling something, we try to shove it all down.


People who have trapped emotions experience:

  • Difficulty manifesting abundance
  • Ill-health
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Self-esteem and confidence issues
  • Feeling numb and shut down in the heart
  • Fear of interacting with people
  • Difficulty with intimate relationships
  • Need for protection from people
  • Sadness and longing
  • Abandonment and betrayal
  • Feeling unloved


Six years ago, I found the trapped emotion of hopelessness that I inherited from my great grandmother. I knew something about her life and it was full of hardship.


After I cleared the trapped emotion, I became more open to receiving abundance and I lost the energy of struggling to survive. My business took off. The trapped emotion was no longer sabotaging my financial success.


By clearing the Heart Wall, you will:

  • Feel lighter
  • Be more open and more connected to yourself
  • Feel more willing to engage with life
  • Be prepared to trust and love again

I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner. I will clear out 6-8 trapped emotions – per session – that are contributing towards your issue.


Please read more about the Emotion Code here and removing your heart wall here.


For children under the age of 18: It’s not as clear how many trapped emotions children have in their heartwall, but it’s less sessions needed than for adults, depending on their age and what they have been through. If you want to buy multiple sessions I figure it could be anywhere from 1-5 sessions. 1 being a baby. 5 being a teen who may have been through say a divorce. I have set a reduced price for children. I don’t need their permission to work on them under the age of 18 as long as you are their guardian.


1 Emotion Code session via email US$110

Emotion Code session for children under the age of 18 by email US$100 US$60

Emotion Code session for Animals by email US$60

4 Emotion Code sessions via email US$400

4 Emotion Code sessions via email- Installments – US$80 x 5 WEEKLY payments

4 Emotion Code sessions via email- Installments – US$80 x 5 FORTNIGHTLY payments

7 Emotion Code sessions via email US$630

7 Emotion Code sessions via email – Installments – US$90 x 7 WEEKLY payments

7 Emotion Code sessions via email – Installments – US$90 x 7 FORTNIGHTLY payments

“For many years I’ve felt really bad about being indecisive. I’d choose one path then I’d veer off to choose another path. Since the heart wall clearing session, I see now that it’s simply I have many interests and can give a little to all of them. Now I can see that I can be multidimensional and it’s ok – in fact it’s great. All that time, it wasn’t that I was indecisive as such – I was just being too narrow in my definition of myself. It’s so good to not feel bad about myself – and to give up some of the exhausting control over my future.
Claire, NZ.

“I had an emotion code session with Kate, we worked on my heart wall, even though I had emotions come up afterwards I felt a lot more reconnected with what I truly want in life and where I’m heading.
Elizabeth, Denmark.

“Kate applied the emotion code to my dog, Valentino, as he was having separation anxiety, especially after the earthquakes, and now we can walk out of the room or the house and he has stopped fretting and barking at us leaving.
Daniel, Christchurch, NZ

“I asked Kate to do an Emotion Code on my cat, Osiris, who has been a total scared-y cat since I adopted him. Her reading was heartbreaking, but it was necessary for me to hear. Thanks to Kate I now know the reasons behind Osiris’ terror, and my conviction to bring him (and my other cats) with me when I move back to the US has been cemented. I refuse to abandon him now. Thank you, Kate. I have a feeling we’ve just scratched the surface with my baby.
Jess, New Zealand.