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GeneralEnd of the decade!

End of the decade!

Some might debate whether we are at the end of the decade ending 2009. Or is it 2010? My sense by the energy around is that we are at the end of the decade now. Alot of people seem to be reviewing the last 10 years energetically. So were they a good 10 years for you? Was this last year of 2009 a year of completion? Do you feel ready for growth and change and new beginnings next year?


I’ve had a huge year of change this last year. It’s been a year of 2 steps forward 1 step back. But generally I’m moving in the right directions. It’s been a year to stand on my own two feet and even though it was scary at times I feel I’ve risen to the occasion and the Universe has certainly met me at the cutting edge.


I know next year is going to be a year of thriving, not just surviving. What’s your energetic plan for next year? A time for growth and expansion?

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