Having An Intuitive Relationship Reading With Me

I’ve done thousands of intuitive readings in my career as a Professional Intuitive and my approach to relationship readings is to always empower my client.


Often times women want a session with me, and it’s usually women, because the distance in the relationship causes anxiety. After all, if things were going along hunky dory, then you wouldn’t be contacting a psychic.


Because of this anxiety, I get asked about what he is thinking, and what he is going to do next.


Him, him, him.


And there in lies feeling powerlessness.


The focus is on his actions, on his thoughts and feelings, but no one is at home in your body, so to speak.


I realise that I can quell your anxiety, by answering your questions, but that anxiety will rise again in the not so distant future.


My goal is to get you back home and empower you, and to show you how focusing on him sets you up for a peptide addiction, whereby you hunger for him more because you can’t get what you want.


Wanting to know what he’s going to do before you make a decision leaves you hanging out for the love that you think might be coming your way.


I get asked a lot of questions about if he’s cheating. If you even have to run that through your head, then you don’t trust him. Do you really want to be in a relationship with a man who you suspect of cheating?


I’m practical in my approach, I realise there is still wage disparity and women usually are in charge of the children, so I will not say to you to kick that sucker to the curb.


But I will ask you to start facing the truth of the situation and to start trusting your instincts.


Coming back to yourself is not lonely, it’s empowering. And then you have some healing work to do to find out why you aren’t loving yourself, and want to lose yourself in him.