Intuitive Readings

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Intuitive Readings by email


  • Are you seeking clarity about your life?
  • Do you feel shaky about making a decision?
  • Are you feeling blocked and want to see more possibilities beyond your blocks?
  • Do you want my sense about a relationship in your life?
  • Would you like spiritual input giving you practical, down-to-earth steps to move forward in your life?


An intuitive reading is where I look into your heart and see what’s there. I connect to your deeper knowing.


Most people know the answer in their heart, but momentarily lack the clarity to make a decision.


My intuitive reading reflects back to you what you’re feeling. Like outside confirmation, it reinforces what your heart knows deep down.


By validating what your heart already knows, you will feel stronger and feel a sense of support. By feeling stronger, you will know where you’re going and what decisions you need to make.


The clarity you’ll gain will feel energising. I’m shining a light in a way you couldn’t see before. You’ll feel more sure about the steps you can take.


Please have some specific questions ready for me, I don’t do general readings or mediumship readings.


You can read more about what to expect from a professional intuitive reading from me here.


My speciality is relationship readings, you can read more about my approach here.


5 QUESTIONS via email US$225

3 QUESTIONS via email US$135



“I have been dealing with Kate Strong for 3 years now and have employed her as a very reliable and accurate psychic and clairvoyant.
Kate’s readings are always spot on and she is very good at describing people’s personalities and situations very accurately and putting your mind at ease with her special insight.
Also her predictions are always very accurate and the information she delivers is always reliable.
I have asked her to assist me with personal, family and business and professional situations and her reading have always been 100% correct.
The way Kate delivers her messages and readings to me are always very personable, understanding with fun sense of humour in them that always makes me laugh, which eases the situation she is describing.
Kate works with the highest of integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a psychic to anyone who needs spiritual guidance in their life.
I am a total fan of Kate Strong.”
Kerry-Marie , NZ

“Having the reading with Kate was very interesting.
I have had readings from very highly recognized psychics before and can say I am very pleased with the information transmitted by and through her.

Kate honed in on things which are very pertinent to my development. Things which will assist me now, in my desire to uncover my more enlightened Self.

As always, I did not take this reading as being something I need to live by to the endth degree, however, the information given is certainly valuable for the possibilities for my development and also, if necessary, preparing me for the negative things which may occur, and I am able to avoid because of awareness.I am continuing to benefit from the session, as the messages are of a far deeper energy than first experienced. Blessings to you Kate and thank you.”Jan, Australia

“Had a session with Kate several weeks ago. I particularly appreciated her calm and common sense approach and the accuracy of her insights. If you are looking for clarity and support, Kate is definitely someone who can facilitate this with and for you. Many thanks Kate.”
Trilby, Te Anau

“I am pleased to write another testimonial for Kate… her readings give me so much guidance on my path ahead and they are amazingly accurate! She is a wonderful medium and Spiritual coach as well as psychic, able to offer advice on techniques which will help sort out any issues I have or healing that I need to explore and work on. I look forward to my readings with Kate very much, they give me inspiration, hope and advice on what is coming up in the months ahead, they really keep me on track and on my path. I hope you get the chance to have a reading with Kate sometime too.”
– Cheers Leesa 🙂 Lyttelton, New Zealand