Kate Strong Exposed and Vulnerable

(I wrote this article, had it up here for half a day, freaked out that people would think I was a train wreck and wonder what the heck I could possibly contribute so I took it down. I discussed it with a friend and realised that perhaps my intention wasn’t clear in telling you what I’ve been through in my life. My intention is to show you that what I’ve been through has contributed to my understanding about life and brought me to where I am today. I hope what I share shows you that I’m a real person and hardly going to judge you for what you’ve been through in your life.)


I thought I would write a bit about myself so that you can get to know who I am so you can decide if you want a reading or healing from me.


I could write you a glossed over sales pitch but that really doesn’t instil any level of trust in me.


What is true about my sales pitch is that I am highly qualified in a lot of healing modalities, and I don’t offer everything I’ve learned because it would make my website look so cluttered and you’d be lost wondering what to choose.


I once saw a therapist and I wanted to do the right thing and asked her for her qualifications. She said to me, I’m a mother, I’ve suffered depression, I was an early childhood educator. I loved her approach. The qualification of having lived life and having got through it with sanity still intact. Of course she was qualified professionally but it was her humanness that I related to and most required of her in return.


So here’s my checklist of things I’ve been through, some I’ve struggled with, or still struggling with, so you can see I’m not just sitting up in my ivory tower having been through nothing and pretending I understand.


The biggest thing I’ve struggled with since I was age 20 is anxiety. Some years it transformed into agoraphobia, some years I felt very free of it. I had a lot of issues really early on in my life, being hospitalised in those formative years and hospitals in the 1960’s weren’t like they are nowadays where your parents are allowed to be with you all the time. Abandonment that young has certainly set me up for insecurity and safety issues in my life.


A big part of that anxiety I feel is that I’m a highly sensitive person. I’m empathic, I feel other people’s feelings really easy and God help me in a Mall. I have in no way mastered this. I write more about it here.


I had an abortion in 2002 and subsequently spent all these years coming to terms with that, I probably had post traumatic stress as well. It took me on such a journey and I am where I am today mostly because of the healing journey I took to come to terms with that. I’m talking about my business and doing soul healings. I have a website dedicated to post abortion healing from a soul perspective. http://www.postabortionhealing.com



Part of the aftermath of the abortion was that I suffered depression. I was on antidepressants for 2 years and I whacked on 5 stone in weight which is about 70 pounds. So part of my journey has been to work out how to take the weight off.


I’m a mother of two sons in their 20s.


I have had two major relationships in my life. My first marriage I left and the second relationship he left me.


So I know heartache and what it feels like to have a broken heart.


I’ve been cheated on.


I’ve lived in co-dependant relationships.


I’ve lived in a polyamorous relationship.


I’ve struggled financially at times and I also owned a home at age 25.


I’ve had step children.


I’ve lived with suicidal people.


My son was assaulted.


I’ve been sexually abused in the workplace.


I’ve been raped.


I’ve been in an armed offenders alert.


I’ve had friends who have murdered people.


I’ve seen spirits with my bare eyes.


I’ve lived in a haunted house.


Get the gist of it? To me what I’ve experienced has for the most part contributed to my ability to be compassionate. I’m by no means expecting you to be perfect because I sure am not.


Of course I have had and also have a lot of wonderful things in my life. That’s what we strive for. The pleasure and love. But it’s often the painful things in life that we grow and learn from. I wish it wasn’t. I’m just as real about that as you are. Just because I have insight doesn’t mean I can apply it to my own life as easily as I can see it in yours. So I’m realistic about what to tell you as well.


Sometimes I find myself saying something to someone and thinking that I should be taking my own advice. That’s often how I learn too, by what comes through to me for my clients.


I love energy. I love seeing the world as vibration and how we are attracted or repelled by certain vibrations.


I also love animals.


The day after my ex left an old friend contacted me and he had won 1 million dollars in lotto, and he offered to help me get on my feet. That was the day I truly experienced deep into my soul that the Universe had my back.


I am so passionate about learning, perhaps obsessive, at the moment I’m learning about our relationship to money.


I love anything spiritual, but I can swear like a trooper, so don’t expect me to be flakey lol.


I’m not a pessimist but the eternal optimist. I used to read, edit and write romance novels. I believe in love. I also believe in integrity and probably the biggest thing I believe in is honesty and trust.


Hope I haven’t scared you off lol


PS: Since writing this I should add I have now been in over 15,000 earthquakes, living in Christchurch, New Zealand, our city is a total mess.