NZ Flower Essences

Metrosideros_carminea__Climbing_rata_vine__Crimson_rata-020  No 67 Red Rata for Guidance and Spiritual Autonomy

First Light® Flower Essences of NZ

  • Do you have hereditary patterns you want to clear?
  • Are you unlucky in Love
  • Do you have karmic issues you want to address?
  • Do you have trauma from your past?
  • Do you want to align your chakras?
  • Do you want to clear your aura?
  • Do you want to align  your personality and soul?
  • Are you a healer and needing assistance with your energy field?
  • Do you want to freshen up a room’s vibe?
  • Do you want to clear the energy of land?
  • Do you want to clear entities or assist souls to cross over?
  • Do you have past life energy you want to clear?
  • Do you have religious dogma affecting you?


I could go on, all these issues and thousands more….


  • Would you like to feel more joy, truth, love and peace?


Experience the power of the unique First Light® Flower Essences. They clear and transform energy like nothing I’ve seen before at such a deep level. They work on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.


Please click read more below about the essences and examples of the situations they deal with. You can also read the thesis I did for my certification. If you would like to see a pdf of the all essences and what they are work on, please click here.


Each treatment bottle contains up to 8 essences, lasting around a month. The treatment bottles are 30mls and are made up with 5% brandy or apple cider vinegar, and spring water. Spray bottles are 50mls and are made up with vodka and spring water and are for aura, room or land. If you wish I can put a few drops of essential oil in the spray bottle as well.


Consultations are by email, I send you out a form and you fill it out and we drill down on what you need. Then I post you the bottle/s. The essences work with animals, can be added to food, put in creams, only limited by your imagination.


If you would like the Divine to choose the essences for you I have flower essences cards and I can pull cards for you.


Overseas clients are sent 3 bottles at a time as it is the most economical. I have a set rate for postage of US$20 which covers most destinations, but if its alot less I will refund you the difference, for places like Australia.


Outside of NZ – Consultation+ 3 treatment bottles or spray bottles + postage included. US$

155 US$130

Outside of NZ – 3 treatment bottles or spray bottles + postage included- choose your own essences – no consultation. US$80

Inside NZ- Consultation + 1 treatment bottle or spray bottle + postage included. US$95 US$70

Inside NZ- 1 treatment bottle or spray bottle +postage included- choose your own essences- no consultation. US$20



New Zealand’s flora and fauna is unique. When the land broke away from Gondwanaland 120 million years ago, the land remained untouched for 100 million years, and the isolation contributed to the high vibratory rate and its ability to heal. Some species of trees have an unbroken ancestry for around 190 million years.


Dr Bach in the early 1900s knew about the power of plants to heal, and created his Bach flower essences to address Piscean age issues. We may still have the same issues in the Aquarian age, but the vibratory rate is different now and The First Light® flower essences are ideal to address the change in frequencies.


There are 128 plants who have stepped forward to assist humanity with healing. Each essence addresses a different issue. The essences tie in with other systems as well ie: astrology, tarot, chakras, aura, past lives etc.


  • 1. The Flower Essences No 1-36 – Transformation – Joy

The 36 flower essences work at the level of the personality, which is the part of us that views life as we see it, facing and handles the world. They work to enhance clairaudience.

The essences work to transform negative predispositions, behaviours and attitudes that we have that are impacted by our emotional and mental states.

The essences help to close the gap between the personality and the Soul. This disconnection is one cause of disease and disharmony. Aligning the personality with the Soul brings wellness and a joy for life.

The Flower essences facilitate the expression and restoration of Joy.

eg: No 3 Cook Strait Groundsel has a keyword of Confidence, addressing issues of lack of confidence, despondency, convinced of failure, shy. It helps with self motivation, and being undeterred by challenges. It is associated with Aries.


  • 2. The Fern Essences No 37-43 – Clear – Love

The 7 fern essences are made from NZ native ferns and work at the level of the Aura to clear negative energetic imprints, impactation and trauma. They help to wash away long standing trauma, which can be deep seated, and their related tertiary fears, to restore our ability to experience Love.

They work to enhance clairsentience.

There are 7 types of trauma in life. Each type of trauma has a corresponding tertiary fear that is experienced at the level of the aura.

Our Aura is the lens through which our Soul can shine and reflect our ability to radiate Love.

eg: No 40 Silver Fern works with heart-felt trauma, loss or betrayal or love or trust, grief, heart break. Leading to self-acceptance and self trust. The keyword is Trust.


  • 3.The Tree Essences No 44-50 – Balance – Truth

The 7 tree essences work at the chakra level to balance, protect, strengthen and clear them. The unresolved negative impactations on the chakras affect our ability to have a Truth based relationship with life.

They work to enhance clairvoyance.

There are 7 energetic distortions to the chakras that express as anxieties. The 7 tree essences help the chakras to function optimally. We can then express our Soul truth actively in the world. The tree essences are about healing our power and holding more light.

eg: No 46 Totara has a keyword of Inner Power. It assists with solar plexus chakra imbalances, feelings of inferiority, power hungry, weak willed aligning to positive self images, personal power, strength of will.


  • 4.The Seed Essences No 51-62 – Repattern – Peace

The 12 Seed essences work at the DNA level. There are 12 strands of DNA and the seed essences address 12 core negative beliefs, 12 shadow behaviours, and 12 primary fears.

They work to enhance clairgustus.

The distortions in the DNA create patterns that can affect us for lifetimes, as well as being passed down to future generations.

The 12 Seed essence seek to repattern the DNA bringing about a keynote energy of Peace.

These essences also work on the energy of Past Lives as well.

eg: No 51 Broadleaf deals with negative hereditary patterns around life, death, money and material matters. The keyword is Reverence and its to assist with Right Living.


  • 5. The Plant Essences No 63-84 – Growth – Soul


The 22 Plant essences work at the Soul level addressing the 22 phases of expression of consciousness a soul has to meet in order to reach its goals. This process is governed by laws and principles.

They work to enhance clairknowing.

These plants have stepped forward to assist humanity at this time because of their ability to mediate between heaven and earth. Higher spiritual forces and humanistic forces like sexual energy and vitality. The plants help to integrate these two forces.

The ecosystem in NZ is unique in itself in that trees that grow in forests don’t produce tap roots, like other ecosystems. They depend on the support of other trees for protection, and so depend on cooperation. They are the upper canopy so that plants below them can thrive. There is no toxic warfare between plants in this ecosystem.

The plants in this flower essences set consist of trees, shrubs, ferns, perennials, and vines. They assist with strengthening, supporting, cleansing, regenerating and connecting.

eg: No 63 Karamu has a keyword of Manifestation. It assists with being overwhelmed by life, scattered energies. The soul lesson is to believe in oneself. It relates to the Magician tarot card.


  • 6. The Healer Essences No 85-96

These essences are to support anyone in the helping profession, they cover such issues as self care, protection, metaphysical sensitivity, neutrality and more.

eg: No 86 Ancient Kauri is about the Path to the Heart. It assists with staying in ones heart, being able to access the wealth of knowledge from the ancestors and the past, healing from the heart.


  • 7. The Shamanic Essences No 97-120

These essences are Specialist essences. They are here to assist with people in the helping profession and anyone who needs metaphysical support. They cover alot of areas such as soul retrieval, clearing land and buildings, assisting Souls to cross over, karmic issues, injustice, birth, mothering, death, divine issues.

eg: No 119 Hutu. This essence is about calling on higher forces for divine intervention, for divine justice, restoration of divine order, mediating on behalf of another, invoking Universal Law.


  • 8. The Orchard Essences No 121-128

These essences are here to assist children and adults who are highly sensitive. Also known as Indigo, Star, Crystal.

eg: No 121 Forest Orchid assists by creating powerful magical connections with the faery realm, wisdom, wealth and prosperity. It upgrades and realigns the base chakra.


If you would like to read the Thesis I wrote for essences 1-84 you can download it here.

If you would like to read the Thesis I wrote for essences 85-120 you can download it here. 


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