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One Small Thing You Can Do To Attract A Good Man

Do you find yourself saying that there aren’t any good men out there?


Do you only ever seem to attract commitment phobes or players?


Well there’s one small thing you can do to attract a good man.


It’s so easy and you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner.


Do you ever talk to strangers? To men you don’t know?


Do you approach men and ask them a question, something harmless like “Do you have the time?” Or ask directions? Do you even smile at men? Or make eye contact or let your eyes linger just a little bit longer than normal?


Here’s why this simple action can open up the world of men to you.


Good men may not be approaching you because you’re not putting out the signals that you’re interested or available to be approached.


They perhaps don’t want to be rejected or let down or humiliated so they look for a signal that you’re interested.


And if you’re shy or introverted or thinking men have to do all the hard work in the initial stages of contact then they perhaps aren’t going to risk approaching you.


The players will approach you though. They’re not in the dating game for the same reasons so they don’t care about being shot down; their egos like to take the chance anyway.


A player will approach you and you haven’t met anyone so you think why not, at least someone likes you. And then you get let down all over again proving there are no good men out there.


A player doesn’t care if you’re not giving out signals.


A good guy does care though if you’re not giving out signals. He’s looking for that signal that you’re available. But he’s going to feel really good about approaching you if you show him it’s ok by you. That you’re open for contact.


So the next time you see a guy you like, smile.

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