Past Life Healings


Past Life Healing-Advanced by email


This Past Life Healing is more indepth than the Past Life Healing I have below which has been on my site a while now. I use SRT as the basis of researching your past life.


In this clearing you will find out:


  • What your major Spiritual Lessons were in that lifetime and whether you learned them
  • When and Where on the Earth timeline this happened
  • Who you were, be it, male, female or a spiritual being
  • What the environment was like
  • What role you had to play
  • Who else was involved in these Spiritual Lessons and what relationship they had to you
  • If your Soul learned positive lessons and used higher senses in that lifetime or if they were carried forward to this lifetime
  • If you left any Soul fragments behind in that lifetime


After the healing, you will feel:


  • A shift and clearing of the block, which may be impactful or subtle
  • A sense of understanding about yourself
  • A deeper connection with your soul
  • A sense of being witnessed


I will email you a report after the healing.


Please tell me what concerns or challenges you would like me to focus on in an area of life eg: finances, relationship, career.


After payment I will need you to email me your full name,full name at birth, date of birth, and whether you are male or female. Also attach a photo of yourself please.


1 Past Life Healing-Advanced US$110

Past Life Healing – Mini by email


  • Do you sense there is a past life issue affecting you today?
  • Do you have unexplainable fears that didn’t come from this life?


Blocks from past lives can carry over to this lifetime like a background hum. This energy may also present in your life like a sub-personality.


In this clearing, I will heal the part of your past life that is lingering today. We get to the bottom of the issue.


After the healing, you will feel:


  • A shift and clearing of the block, which may be impactful or subtle
  • Unexplainable fears have been dissolved or neutralised
  • A deeper connection with your soul
  • Witnessed. This reading connects to your soul and helps you feel seen


I will email you a few short but powerful paragraphs about the past life that is affecting you. Then, I will do a healing to release the underlying trapped energy.


Unless it comes to me, I won’t be telling you what your name was in that life or how you died.


If you would like me to focus on a certain area of your life, eg: finances, relationship, let me know.


After payment I will need you to email me your first name, date of birth, and whether you are male or female.


1 Past Life Healing US$60

“For a whole week, I had been smelling cigarette smoke very intensely but the scent was coming from the non-physical. No one around me was smoking and I was alerted that it was coming from a past life.

I asked Kate to help me clear the energies from that lifetime. She tuned in and got all the information and lessons and relayed them to me. Kate was very patient and compassionate in helping me see what the smoke represented and how that connects to my present life patterns. I felt very comfortable with Kate and felt taken care of.

After the past life clearing, the smoke subsided a lot but when it does come up, I remember Kate’s guidance and it helps me release the part that is mine to release. I’m incredibly thankful for Kate’s help and her quick response to what was a very distressing situation for me. Thank you, Kate!” Anni Hayden Lane,

“Kate helped me open my eyes as to why a present relationship was causing me so heartache and why I was having so many unresolved feelings. With hardly any information, she told me about what she saw between me and this other person during a past life. What was so amazing is how the past life she saw paralleled so much of the current relationship, helping it all make more sense to me. Her reading and then healing helped give me some peace because it helped explain why I was feeling the way I was and helped take away some unresolved feelings. Kate is also very sensitive to how she relays information to her clients so her words are gentle and loving. After the reading, she was so patient and willing to spend time helping me understand how past-lives can help explain our present relationships. I feel like I made a friend at the same time as a healer and a teacher!” C, USA