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Installment Plans

I offer weekly or fortnightly installment plans on most of my sessions below, you’ll find the button next to the buy now price.

If you want to order multiple sessions, or if the installment prices are too much, contact me so I can set up a custom installment plan for you.

Please see my FAQ page for terms and conditions on installment plans.


NZ Flower Essences

      • Do you have hereditary patterns you want to clear?
      • Are you unlucky in Love
      • Do you have karmic issues you want to address?
      • Do you have trauma from your past?
      • Do you want to align your chakras?
      • Do you want to clear your aura?
      • Do you want to align  your personality and soul?
      • Are you a healer and needing assistance with your energy field?
      • Do you want to freshen up a room’s vibe?
      • Do you want to clear the energy of land?
      • Do you want to clear entities or assist souls to cross over?
      • Do you have past life energy you want to clear?
      • Do you have religious dogma affecting you?

I could go on, all these issues and thousands more….

      • Would you like to feel more joy, truth, love and peace?

Experience the power of the unique First Light® Flower Essences. They clear and transform energy like nothing I’ve seen before at such a deep level. They work on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Please click here to read more about the essences and examples of the situations they deal with. You can also read the thesis I did for my certification. If you would like to see a pdf of the all essences and what they are work on, please click here.

Each treatment bottle contains up to 8 essences, lasting around a month. The treatment bottles are 30mls and are made up with 5% brandy or apple cider vinegar, and spring water. Spray bottles are 50mls and are made up with vodka and spring water and are for aura, room or land. If you wish I can put a few drops of essential oil in the spray bottle as well.

Consultations are by email, I send you out a form and you fill it out and we drill down on what you need. Then I post you the bottle/s. The essences work with animals, can be added to food, put in creams, only limited by your imagination.

If you would like the Divine to choose the essences for you I have flower essences cards and I can pull cards for you.

Overseas clients are sent 3 bottles at a time as it is the most economical. I have a set rate for postage of US$20 which covers most destinations, but if its alot less I will refund you the difference, for places like Australia.

Outside of NZ – Consultation+ 3 treatment bottles or spray bottles + postage included. US$155 US$130

Outside of NZ – 3 treatment bottles or spray bottles + postage included- choose your own essences – no consultation. US$80

Inside NZ- Consultation + 1 treatment bottle or spray bottle + postage included. US$95 US$70

Inside NZ- 1 treatment bottle or spray bottle +postage included- choose your own essences- no consultation. US$20

Alternative medicine concept - fragrant oil in a bottle with cam

Essential Oils

I’m not selling any services around Essential Oils, I mainly want to share my knowledge about them. So I will be creating blog posts. If you cant to check out my blog. Please read more about Essential Oils here.

weighing machine from a sea pebble

Emotion Code- Heart Wall Clearing by Email

      • Is your heart preventing you from having the life and relationships you want?
      • Do you have anxiety, depression, ill-health or are you blocked in an area of your life?

If so, you may have trapped negative emotions that are sabotaging your health and well-being.

When we are in pain, we build an energetic wall around our heart to ward off more pain and stop the flow to our good.

Not only are trapped emotions lodged in the heart, they can be lodged anywhere in the body, affecting all areas of your life.

In my experience, people can have up to 50 trapped emotions in their heart.

We live in a repressed and addictive society, rather than feeling something, we try to shove it all down.

People who have trapped emotions experience:

      • Difficulty manifesting abundance
      • Ill-health
      • Anxiety or depression
      • Self-esteem and confidence issues
      • Feeling numb and shut down in the heart
      • Fear of interacting with people
      • Difficulty with intimate relationships
      • Need for protection from people
      • Sadness and longing
      • Abandonment and betrayal
      • Feeling unloved

Six years ago, I found the trapped emotion of hopelessness that I inherited from my great grandmother. I knew something about her life and it was full of hardship.

After I cleared the trapped emotion, I became more open to receiving abundance and I lost the energy of struggling to survive. My business took off. The trapped emotion was no longer sabotaging my financial success.

By clearing the Heart Wall, you will:

      • Feel lighter
      • Be more open and more connected to yourself
      • Feel more willing to engage with life
      • Be prepared to trust and love again

I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner. I will clear out 6-8 trapped emotions – per session – that are contributing towards your issue.

Please read more about the Emotion Code here and removing your heart wall here.

For children under the age of 18: It’s not as clear how many trapped emotions children have in their heartwall, but it’s less sessions needed than for adults, depending on their age and what they have been through. If you want to buy multiple sessions I figure it could be anywhere from 1-5 sessions. 1 being a baby. 5 being a teen who may have been through say a divorce. I have set a reduced price for children. I don’t need their permission to work on them under the age of 18 as long as you are their guardian.

1 Emotion Code session via email US$110

Emotion Code session for children under the age of 18 by email US$100 US$60

Emotion Code session for Animals by email US$60

4 Emotion Code sessions via email US$400

4 Emotion Code sessions via email- Installments – US$80 x 5 WEEKLY payments

4 Emotion Code sessions via email- Installments – US$80 x 5 FORTNIGHTLY payments

7 Emotion Code sessions via email US$630

7 Emotion Code sessions via email – Installments – US$90 x 7 WEEKLY payments

7 Emotion Code sessions via email – Installments – US$90 x 7 FORTNIGHTLY payments

“For many years I’ve felt really bad about being indecisive. I’d choose one path then I’d veer off to choose another path. Since the heart wall clearing session, I see now that it’s simply I have many interests and can give a little to all of them. Now I can see that I can be multidimensional and it’s ok – in fact it’s great. All that time, it wasn’t that I was indecisive as such – I was just being too narrow in my definition of myself. It’s so good to not feel bad about myself – and to give up some of the exhausting control over my future.
Claire, NZ.

“I had an emotion code session with Kate, we worked on my heart wall, even though I had emotions come up afterwards I felt a lot more reconnected with what I truly want in life and where I’m heading.
Elizabeth, Denmark.

“Kate applied the emotion code to my dog, Valentino, as he was having separation anxiety, especially after the earthquakes, and now we can walk out of the room or the house and he has stopped fretting and barking at us leaving.
Daniel, Christchurch, NZ

“I asked Kate to do an Emotion Code on my cat, Osiris, who has been a total scared-y cat since I adopted him. Her reading was heartbreaking, but it was necessary for me to hear. Thanks to Kate I now know the reasons behind Osiris’ terror, and my conviction to bring him (and my other cats) with me when I move back to the US has been cemented. I refuse to abandon him now. Thank you, Kate. I have a feeling we’ve just scratched the surface with my baby.
Jess, New Zealand.

yoga on the beach

Body Code by Email

        • Do you have physical pain?
        • Ill-Health?
        • Are you affected by your environment?
        • Zapped by technology and all the frequencies?

Our Mind, Body and Spirit are all connected. What is happening in our mind, emotions and spirit may show in the body as an imbalance.

The Body Code system is like a parent to the Emotion Code. It incorporates the Emotion Code, and so much more.

Underlying most imbalances are generally trapped emotions, but not always. And the Body Code detects this.

The Body Code finds the imbalances that are contributing towards conditions and clears them energetically.

In the Body Code, there are 6 categories of imbalance that can be corrected. These categories are:

          • Emotional Imbalances- emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental, offensive
          • Toxicity Imbalances- heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial
          • Circuitry Imbalances- organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians
          • Pathogens Imbalances- parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, mold
          • Structural Imbalances- bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands
          • Nutritional Imbalances- Ph imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic field

These are just the broad category headings but digging in deep, can find what imbalances underlie these issues. As Dr Brad says, anything can cause anything in the energetic world.

Please note, I don’t advise regards vitamins and herbs etc, if I detect this category I will deal with it energetically.

I am a Certified Body Code Practitioner, after the session I will send you a report by email.

Please note: There are no guarantees that your physical issue will shift in one session, there may be underlying issues contributing to it, although I believe in miracles, I am also practical, you may need quite a few sessions, you also may need some sort of other treatment. I’m also of the belief that you can’t stay the same and get rid of your issue, you will grow through healing your body issue.
When purchasing a Body Code Session you acknowledge that I am not a licensed medical professional and you do not substitute a Body Code session for medical advice.

1 Body Code session via email US$110

2 Body Code sessions by email US$210

4 Body Code sessions via email US400

4 Body Code sessions via email – Installments – US$80 x 5 WEEKLY payments

4 Body Code sessions via email – Installments – US$80 x 5 FORTNIGHTLY payments

7 Body Code sessions via email US630

7 Body Code sessions via email – Installments – US$90 x 7 WEEKLY payments

7 Body Code sessions via email – Installments – US$90 x 7 FORTNIGHTLY payments

“I have great pleasure to share with you all my experience of receiving Body Code sessions with Kate. One example from this healing was I suffered with ulcers in my mouth for over 5 years, without fail I would get them once a month and always two, since my sessions I have had no ulcers and it has now been way over a month. I totally recommend this form of healing and will be spreading the word to all who cross my path.Thankyou Kate you are a God send keep up the Great Work.

“Since you’ve worked on me I have more energy, stamina, and recover quicker from day to day at job related activities. I also have a more positive outlook on life. Thank you very much. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

“Most notably i’ve experienced improved bowel function and a decreased sense of urgency about my physical health. My sinuses still act up, BUT now i’m able to normalize them, rather than the former downward spiral into sinusitis that i’ve felt victim to for the past 40 years.
Dawn, USA

Dear Kate, I just want to let you know….. the humming sound in my right ear is still gone. It faded after the first session and completely went away following the second session. It blew me completely away that two bodycode sessions could stop seven stressful years of annoying noisy humming. I now dare say: *it has gone*. Completely. Thank you
Elizabeth, Denmark

Witch Trial/Church Clearing by email

The Witch Trials that swept the world for a good 300 years or more, had such an impact on our ability to feel safe in our environment, to trust people, to trust our own inner knowing, to speak up, and much much more.

Many people today, especially sensitive people like psychics and healers, find it hard to speak up, have throat problems, trust their intuition, want to stay invisible and hide, not to draw attention to themselves.

You may also have trapped energy from being an accuser.

There is an unconscious loyalty and protection of these times and the accusation and persecution of these men and women. It’s not that long ago really in terms of generations.

Spirit is calling us to step up and offer our gifts to the world, but we can feel twisted like a pretzel trying to hide and stay silent yet we feel such a deep desire to share our truth.

After payment I will need you to email me your name, date of birth. I will email you whether this clearing was from a Past Life or an Ancestor, and who.

You can buy as many as you want, I have found people who are drawn to this can have quite a few energies to be cleared from various sources.

1 Witch Trial/Church Clearing by Email US$15

Chakra Removal by email

Removing Chakras is somewhat of a controversial subject. I have had this done for me, and my sense about it from my experience is that the chakras are unified into one core essence, or core star. There is no judgement that the chakras are bad, or that by removing them or unifying them, that one is raised in vibration. You just have to trust yourself as to whether you feel this service is right for you.

Personally I found I felt so much better after having this done. I don’t feel as scattered and I’m not taking on so much of the world’s energy.

Just the mere thought that they can be removed or changed makes you assess your beliefs about chakras and what you have been told about them.

Some of the reasons to remove your chakras:

  • Some believe that chakras are implants or devices and can be influenced by other beings
  • You are empathic and take on way too much of your environment
  • There is a limiting bottle like nature of entry of energy into the chakras
  • Overwhelmed with too much energy
  • Too many messages through your crown chakra
  • The chakra points can act as blockages, like dams in a river
  • Over-sensitivity to others

Everyone who I have talked to who has had this done has felt great benefits. As have I. How I experience it now is I feel more grounded, not so spacey, and I feel a lot of warmth radiating out of my heart.

Of course no healing is a one stop shop and cure all.

I am still learning about this through my experience and the question now is, will I still be able to have chakra work done? I believe so, I think what happens is either the chakras are sealed, moved, removed, or unified, and the intention to work on them, wherever they are or aren’t, will still benefit the receiver. I really do wonder if the chakras are implants. Star seed souls (originating from other solar systems) are most likely to be affected.

Benefits to having your chakras removed/unified:

  • You feel more centred
  • Feel more at peace
  • Feel more self contained
  • Able to receive messages from Spirit/Higher Self more easily. No blockages to receiving (I was pleasantly surprised how this helped me and I’m already highly intuitive)
  • Take on way less energies and images from around you, not bombarded
  • Greater clarity
  • Increased psychic abilities

After payment I will need you to email me your name, date of birth. I will email you to let you know when it’s been done. there is no report

1 Chakra Removal by Email US$110


Past Life Healing-Advanced by email

This Past Life Healing is more indepth than the Past Life Healing I have below which has been on my site a while now. I use SRT as the basis of researching your past life.

In this clearing you will find out:

                • What your major Spiritual Lessons were in that lifetime and whether you learned them
                • When and Where on the Earth timeline this happened
                • Who you were, be it, male, female or a spiritual being
                • What the environment was like
                • What role you had to play
                • Who else was involved in these Spiritual Lessons and what relationship they had to you
                • If your Soul learned positive lessons and used higher senses in that lifetime or if they were carried forward to this lifetime
                • If you left any Soul fragments behind in that lifetime

After the healing, you will feel:

                • A shift and clearing of the block, which may be impactful or subtle
                • A sense of understanding about yourself
                • A deeper connection with your soul
                • A sense of being witnessed

I will email you a report after the healing.

Please tell me what concerns or challenges you would like me to focus on in an area of life eg: finances, relationship, career.

After payment I will need you to email me your full name,full name at birth, date of birth, and whether you are male or female. Also attach a photo of yourself please.

1 Past Life Healing-Advanced US$110

Past Life Healing – Mini by email

          • Do you sense there is a past life issue affecting you today?
          • Do you have unexplainable fears that didn’t come from this life?

Blocks from past lives can carry over to this lifetime like a background hum. This energy may also present in your life like a sub-personality.

In this clearing, I will heal the part of your past life that is lingering today. We get to the bottom of the issue.

After the healing, you will feel:

          • A shift and clearing of the block, which may be impactful or subtle
          • Unexplainable fears have been dissolved or neutralised
          • A deeper connection with your soul
          • Witnessed. This reading connects to your soul and helps you feel seen

I will email you a few short but powerful paragraphs about the past life that is affecting you. Then, I will do a healing to release the underlying trapped energy.

Unless it comes to me, I won’t be telling you what your name was in that life or how you died.

If you would like me to focus on a certain area of your life, eg: finances, relationship, let me know.

After payment I will need you to email me your first name, date of birth, and whether you are male or female.

1 Past Life Healing US$60

“For a whole week, I had been smelling cigarette smoke very intensely but the scent was coming from the non-physical. No one around me was smoking and I was alerted that it was coming from a past life.

I asked Kate to help me clear the energies from that lifetime. She tuned in and got all the information and lessons and relayed them to me. Kate was very patient and compassionate in helping me see what the smoke represented and how that connects to my present life patterns. I felt very comfortable with Kate and felt taken care of.

After the past life clearing, the smoke subsided a lot but when it does come up, I remember Kate’s guidance and it helps me release the part that is mine to release. I’m incredibly thankful for Kate’s help and her quick response to what was a very distressing situation for me. Thank you, Kate!” Anni Hayden Lane, www.intuitivepicture.com

“Kate helped me open my eyes as to why a present relationship was causing me so heartache and why I was having so many unresolved feelings. With hardly any information, she told me about what she saw between me and this other person during a past life. What was so amazing is how the past life she saw paralleled so much of the current relationship, helping it all make more sense to me. Her reading and then healing helped give me some peace because it helped explain why I was feeling the way I was and helped take away some unresolved feelings. Kate is also very sensitive to how she relays information to her clients so her words are gentle and loving. After the reading, she was so patient and willing to spend time helping me understand how past-lives can help explain our present relationships. I feel like I made a friend at the same time as a healer and a teacher!” C, USA


Cord Cutting by email only

A Cord of Attachment is an etheric cord that connects you to another person. This cord runs patterns that affects your availability of choices. These cords are detrimental and Cord Cutting removes them. Your relationships will improve as well as your emotional life.

Reasons people want a cord cutting session:

          • You’re feeling anxious and there’s urgency, discomfort and tension in the relationship. So there’s a desire to want this gone
          • You want to feel as if your relationship doesnt impact you anymore, you don’t want to feel unsettled, or anxious, you want to feel a sense of ease, and the tension is released thats between you
          • This session can be used for either the end of a relationship, or to clean up the energy in a current ongoing relationship

After a session you may find:

          • A neutrality about the relationship
          • There can be new growth comes into the relationship, if it’s a current relationship
          • Things that bothered you before, don’t bother you anymore
          • If this is a past relationship you feel that you have moved on
          • If this is a relationship from your childhood that may have contributed to core energetic patterns, you feel as if those beliefs aren’t controlling you anymore

Here are the relationships I recommend you cut with in a cord-cutting session:

          • Parents
          • Siblings
          • Children
          • Spouses
          • Sexual partners
          • Friends
          • Childhood friends
          • Teachers
          • Childhood teachers
          • Spiritual teachers, healers or therapists
          • Employers, employees, co-workers or clients

Please read Cutting Cords of Attachment for more details on what is involved in a session and before you have a session with me.

Click here for some more articles on my blog about Cord Cutting. This session is done via email only.

1 Cord Cutting Session via email US$220

1 Cord Cutting Session via email  – Installments – $110 x 2 WEEKLY payments

1 Cord Cutting Session via email  – Installments – $110 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments

“I have had two readings and two cord cutting sessions with Kate. Kate is spot on with her insights and compassionate in her manner. In my eyes, Kate is something of a rarity among psychics, she’s not only accurate and compassionate but she’s very down to earth and non-judgmental.I have seen that not all psychics and healers are grounded or realistic enough to help clients with a full array of issues – both human and spiritual. Some are so absorbed in their spiritual world that the advice and healing doesn’t go beyond that realm. Kate is not like that, she is someone who has her feet on the ground and has a whole life full of experience. I highly recommend her if you need clarity or healing in your relationships. ”
Anna, http://www.annasayce.com

Thank you for the cord cutting and healing. I’m slowly getting my mojo back. I’m more upbeat and alive and saying to myself “Hey I like you, you’re fun!” My throat feels better too and less dense. I slept well and my clothes fit better too…. Hadn’t felt happier in years! thank you again. I’m also working on changing negative patterns and keeping things in perspective…..and not let fear…. creep in .
I conducted a meeting on Thursday and was able to hold my own…..Yipee!”Rachel, NZ.

I have had several cord cutting sessions with Kate, with each of them being highly accurate. Kate is an extremely skilled psychic with a lot of heart. I find her upbeat, practical and down to earth manner both inspiring and motivating. In her readings, she is precise, to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush. Such character traits are valuable to any individual looking for a reading or psychic healing. Overall, I highly recommend Kate’s services and hope to use them again some time in the future. God bless you, Kate. You are an asset to trainee and professional psychics alike!
Annelien Kiara Kortleven,UK

Successful investment

Business Clearing by Email

Whether you are self-employed, in partnership, have a company, or work for someone else’s business, you are affected by the energy of the *business* and its accumulated energy.

The business is a separate entity than you. The Government sees it as an entity in its own right and taxes it accordingly. It has a conception, a birth, a life of its own; and holds the hopes and dreams, worries and fears; just like a person.

It is a Spiritual Entity.

Even though it doesn’t have a body, (I’m not talking about the building at a physical address), it still holds the thoughts, emotions and spiritual energy of the business. A LOT of time is spent thinking, worrying, and emotionally focused on the business.

And this energy can cause stagnation and blocks.

Reasons you may want a Business clearing:

      • You’re trying to sell your business
      • You feel angry at work
      • You fight and have conflicts
      • You don’t feel heard, seen or valued
      • You want a better relationship with your business
      • You feel a slave to your business emotionally (this is different than working hard)
      • You want to create a boundary with your business
      • Your feel drained by your work
      • You feel unsupported at work
      • You have money blocks, creative blocks
      • You have staff problems
      • You aren’t acknowledged for your hard work
      • You feel overwhelmed and out of your depth
      • Things aren’t flowing
      • Things feel stale and old
      • You’ve taken every training out there on business methods and still not getting anywhere

Things that can’t be cleared with this healing:

      • You are being abused at work and need to leave
      • You have a gap in your knowledge and need to learn aspects of your business like marketing and sales and how to set up a newsletter or how to network

This clearing is in two parts.
I will:

          • Clear these blocks with various methods I use, as well as see what my intuition tells me
          • Send you a report about what I cleared
          • After this I will ask you to do a powerful written exercise for me and tell me the results of what you found

After purchase please contact me.

1 Business Clearing by Email US$150

1 Business Clearing by Email – Installments –  US$75 x 2 WEEKLY payments

1 Business Clearing by Email – Installments –  US$75 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments

If you work in 2 businesses.

2 Business Clearings by Email US$250

2 Business Clearings by Email – Installments –  US$83.33  x  3  WEEKLY payments

2 Business Clearings by Email – Installments –  US83.33 x 3  FORTNIGHTLY payments


Soul Healings by email

Advanced Soul Healing through the Akashic Records by email

An Advanced Soul Healing Reading is a session to clear blocks and restrictions at a Soul level. I access the Akashic Records to find the stuck energy that impacts your life today. I then clear those blocks so that you’re not carrying around needless baggage.

There’s so much that happens on a soul level. We don’t realize how much that impacts us and shapes who we are.

Obstacles that might be hindering you include vows, curses, spells, entity attachments from this lifetime or past lives, bindings, contracts, earthbound spirits, implants, portalways, negatively charged objects, ghosts, poltergeists and more.

Often times, people have a Soul Healing Reading after they’ve tried everything else. It seems to shift issues that are often hard to detect and all else has been exhausted.

Most people who are attracted to my healings have past life aspects impacting them. I like to focus on the healing aspect and don’t offer a lot of pages of text about your past lives for information sake. I like to get to the heart of the blockage.

The Advanced Soul Healing Reading is deep but gentle, subtle but impactful.

After receiving an Advanced Soul Healing, you will feel:

          • An easing up from restrictions
          • Freeing up a deeper part of yourself and your soul
          • Freeing up something that was blocked
          • A sense of peace, freedom, relaxation and of letting go
          • A sense you can now exhale
          • Able to move past an obstruction
          • More connected to yourself
          • More in alignment with your path
          • More expansion and not as stagnant or held back

Past clients have said they feel more connected to who they’re meant to be and to who they are inside.

This Advanced Soul Healing Reading is especially powerful for healers because they will feel more confident in moving forward.

Often times, healers and those who don’t feel connected to their Spiritual side will have past lives as witches, which deeply impact moving forward in their business. They want to be visible but have a need to stay invisible to feel safe.

I will need your full name, your full name at birth, your place of birth and your date of birth. (If you don’t have one of these requirements, email me)

I will send you a report by email after I have done the healing.


Installments – US$91.67 x 3 WEEKLY payments

Installments – US$91.67 x 3 FORTNIGHTLY payments

“I feel like a ton has been lifted from my shoulders, I feel more care free, I feel lighter, I feel clearer, Im not so congested, I feel like I could handle anything chucked at me, Im not missing my overseas friends like I used to and feel more at home here and now, Im happier than Ive been in so long I cant remember and Im not really questioning it, Im just damn well enjoying it…”
– Rob, NZ

“I SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!!! I’m sure the healing you did for me has helped. I turned off the light at 11.30pm and woke at 6am…. brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Especially after months and months and months of waking every hour. I can’t believe it!”
– Red, NZ

Advanced Soul Healing – Mini by email

A Mini Advanced Soul Healing is a stand alone session but can also follow on from the Advanced Soul Healing session. But in saying that, it can be used on it’s own. It is designed to target specific situations that show up in your life.

For example, you can focus on clearing issues around:

          • Money
          • Relationships
          • Career
          • Spiritual disconnection
          • Any area of your life you feel blocked in

I will send you a report by email.

1 ISSUE US$135

Soul Relationship Profile & Healing through the Akashic Records by email

          • Do you want to know or connect with someone on a soul level?
          • Do you have a deep connection with someone but blocks are in the way?
          • Do you feel a sense of loss around this person even though there’s nothing you have lost?

Relationships are a huge factor on our path of evolution. They can be the joy or the bane of our existence.

In the Soul Relationship Profile & Healing, you will find out how a relationship in your life contributes to your soul growth. It can be a romantic relationship or relationship with a friend, sibling, child, parent, co-worker, boss, ex-husband. etc.

The Soul Relationship Profile & Healing helps you:

          • Get to know a person on a soul level
          • Release blockages in the relationship
          • Bring clarity to why there is disconnection in a relationship
          • Understand your deeper yearning for a connection with someone
          • Gain a sense of the truth
          • Know some of the lifetimes you’ve shared with that person

You will find out:

          • How many lifetimes you have shared on Earth together
          • If you have a karmic debt together
          • If you have a soul contract
          • If you have an agreement to do spiritual development together
          • What percentage are positive or negative learning experiences
          • What your life lesson is that you’re learning through this relationship
          • What percentage is complete as far as this lesson goes
          • How many blocks and restrictions are present in all areas of relationships, in all of the current relationships and specifically to this person

I will do a healing to clear these restrictions. As a result of this Healing, you may feel:

          • Deeper acceptance about this person
          • An understanding and confirmation of what you already know about this person
          • Ease around the knowledge about this person
          • Not as conflicted about the relationship because of this understanding

Please note, this healing is heavy on the healing and is not a psychic reading about your relationship. I won’t be telling you if someone is your soulmate in the sense that we only have one person for us, and we have to find that person.

Typically if people are drawn to this reading they will have past life issues contributing to their blocks in their relationship. But I can pick up current life energies as well.

If you want a current life reading of a relationship you may be best to book an Intuitive reading.

I will send you a report by email.


Installments – $110 x 2 WEEKLY payments

Installments – $110 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments

Spirit Guide Profile Reading through the Akashic Records by email

Each of us has 4-6 guides in our lifetime, these Beings have been incarnated here on Earth and have moved on to assist us. Unlike Angels who have never incarnated.

Reasons people want this Reading:

          • You want to know who is spiritually assisting you
          • You are looking for a relationship with your Guides
          • You want validation about what you may already sense
          • It will make the relationship feel much more solid because somebody else picked it up
          • It eases your doubt that you’re not just making it up

I help people by making visible what is invisible. You are given an insight into your relationship with your Guides, which feels reassuring, knowing there’s something else there helping Guide your life.

Find out who each of your Guides are and what they are here to assist you with. You will find out if they are male or female energy, and what message they have for you at this time.

I will tell you what age you were when you hired these Guides.

This is a report by email.


Installments – US$83.33 x 3 WEEKLY payments

Installments – US$83.33 x 3 FORTNIGHTLY payments

Life Lesson Reading through the Akashic Records by email

At a soul level, we have come to Earth to grow and we choose life lessons to do this. The Life Lesson Reading through the Akashic Records helps you validate that you’re on the right track. If you’re curious about what you’re here to learn, this reading can confirm what already know to be true in your heart.

In this reading, I will access the Akashic Records to find out:

          • What your primary and secondary life lessons are. You will have one primary life lesson and between three and six secondary life lessons
          • You will experience either positive or negative life experiences to further your growth in these lessons
          • What percentage you are complete in learning these life lessons
          • If these life lessons are scheduled to be completed in this lifetime
          • If this is the first lifetime you have been working on these Life Lesson
          • What life area you are choosing to experience these Life Lessons in, ie: family, profession, finances, relationships etc

There is no clearing work with this reading. I will send you a report by email.


Installments – US$100 x 2 WEEKLY payments

Installments – US$100 x 2 FORTNGHTLY payments

Property Clearing through the Akashic Records by email

Much like a soul record, a property also has its own energetic record. It can accumulate negative energy over the years and attract energy like earthbound spirits, gateways, entities. A visitor to your home can also bring in unwanted energy that lingers. Portalways to other astral planes can also bring in unwanted energy.

I can ascertain if its sacred ground or a former burial site. Certain energy up to a quarter of a mile radius also can affect your property. Objects can also contain negative energy.

All of this can be transmuted so your home is your sacred space.

This can be done by email after I’ve cleared the property.


Earthbound Spirit Release/Astral Entity Clearing by email

Astral Entities (also known as Earthbound Spirits) are spirits in the astral realm who are either stuck or don’t want to move on and cross over. To be more specific they are the emotional and mental bodies of deceased people.

Astral entities are surprisingly common and it’s also spiritual people and practitioners who have a problems with them as astral entities can be attracted to your higher energy field.

Astral entities not only drain your energy, as they don’t have their own source of energy, but they also amplify your negative emotions. People think that entities create these emotions and inflict them on you, but in fact they vibrate at the rate of your negative emotions and exaggerate how you feel.

An astral entity clearing will move these entities along and solidify your aura and boundaries. You will be left feeling more centred, less attracted to be around people who do have entities attached, more able to focus, and most noticeably having a sense of emotional equilibrium.

Please read Astral Entities for more information.

Astral Entity Clearing session US$125/or by email


Ancestral Healing by email

Your ancestors’ unfinished business and unresolved issues are passed down to you energetically and they can still be affecting you today.

Some examples of ancestors’ unfinished business and unresolved issues are:

          • Unhealed grief
          • Alcoholism
          • Religion
          • War
          • Slavery – ill-gotten gains and injustice
          • Disease
          • Early childhood deaths
          • Ill Health

We have psychic links to our ancestors. You inherit these unresolved emotional issues because not only do you carry the genes of your ancestors, you also carry a cellular memory of what went on in their lives.

As a result, the unresolved issues impact relationships, finances, career choice, fears that don’t belong to you, blocks to love and health and much more.

If you feel compelled to do this type of healing, then chances are your ancestors are calling you to work on their issues, which are now echoed in your issues.

Ancestral Healing will clear the unresolved energy. By doing this work, we acknowledge our ancestors and this is what they need to heal as well.

Please read Ancestral Healing for more details on what is involved with this healing. As I would like you to be involved in the process, if you can, provide me with a chart of your family tree, with only direct family members, ie: father,mother, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents. Put as much information as you can about what you know. If you don’t have this, it’s ok. You may also approach this from issues in this lifetime, ie: you want to clear issues that are ancestral that are contributing to the blockages in different areas of your life. ie: relationships, finances etc. I will send you a report of what I found after I do the healing. The actual clearing of the ancestral energy I use the emotion code. Subsequent session after the initial session are half price because I have your family dynamic.

If you want to further explore your ancestral journey, discover my Clear Your Ancestral Karma e-Course here. In this course, you will find out why and how your ancestors affect you, but also how to heal and free yourself from their energies.

ANCESTRAL 1st session US$220

ANCESTRAL 1st session – Installments – US$110 x 2 WEEKLY payments

ANCESTRAL 1st session – Installments – US$110 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments

ANCESTRAL Subsequent sessions US$110

“You cleared many negative emotions from my mother in the first healing session as I took off for a 2 week break to Holland. FYI, I and my sister have been avoiding my mother FOR YEARS because she’s very judgmental, constantly puts us down, gives dispiriting comments when we tell her about our career plans, it’s either her way or high way, and she suffocates us.During my holiday, I also attended some job interviews as I am planning to live permanently there. When I returned home, I expected negative reviews from my mum but what happened was totally the opposite. We had this care free and relaxed conversation We never had in YEARS..no judging or negative comments when I told her how the interviews went. She’s been also loving, supportive, and less negative. She said she believed I’d get a nice job in Holland (she always said the opposite before the healing). I’ve one female colleague at work who always gives me a strong negative vibe..I mean I guess she perhaps has some negative opinions about me and I could feel it even when she walked past my office room. Despite her negative vibe to me, I still treated her with respect and spoke to her politely but deep down I was sad. One of the most profound negative vibe was when she heard I’d get an income raise in a huge percentage (she was the one to know while I wasn’t aware of it yet). When I left for holiday, she had to cover for my work. Again I expected messy files, disorganised letters (she’s a messy woman herself), and more negative vibe for covering for someone she doesn’t really like. To my surprise on my first day back to work, she welcomed and gave me a big hug (a sincere one so I hugged her back) nicely asked how my holiday was in Holland. No messy files and everything was in order as I entered my office. Our relationship kind of flows afterwards and I haven’t yet felt any negative vibe from her. I didn’t change the way I treated and spoke to her.”
U, Indonesia

Pink chrysanthemum petals macro shot

Intuitive Readings by email

          • Are you seeking clarity about your life?
          • Do you feel shaky about making a decision?
          • Are you feeling blocked and want to see more possibilities beyond your blocks?
          • Do you want my sense about a relationship in your life?
          • Would you like spiritual input giving you practical, down-to-earth steps to move forward in your life?

An intuitive reading is where I look into your heart and see what’s there. I connect to your deeper knowing.

Most people know the answer in their heart, but momentarily lack the clarity to make a decision.

My intuitive reading reflects back to you what you’re feeling. Like outside confirmation, it reinforces what your heart knows deep down.

By validating what your heart already knows, you will feel stronger and feel a sense of support. By feeling stronger, you will know where you’re going and what decisions you need to make.

The clarity you’ll gain will feel energising. I’m shining a light in a way you couldn’t see before. You’ll feel more sure about the steps you can take.

Please have some specific questions ready for me, I don’t do general readings or mediumship readings.

You can read more about what to expect from a professional intuitive reading from me here.

My speciality is relationship readings, you can read more about my approach here.

5 QUESTIONS via email US$225

3 QUESTIONS via email US$135



“I have been dealing with Kate Strong for 3 years now and have employed her as a very reliable and accurate psychic and clairvoyant.
Kate’s readings are always spot on and she is very good at describing people’s personalities and situations very accurately and putting your mind at ease with her special insight.
Also her predictions are always very accurate and the information she delivers is always reliable.
I have asked her to assist me with personal, family and business and professional situations and her reading have always been 100% correct.
The way Kate delivers her messages and readings to me are always very personable, understanding with fun sense of humour in them that always makes me laugh, which eases the situation she is describing.
Kate works with the highest of integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a psychic to anyone who needs spiritual guidance in their life.
I am a total fan of Kate Strong.”
Kerry-Marie , NZ

“Having the reading with Kate was very interesting.
I have had readings from very highly recognized psychics before and can say I am very pleased with the information transmitted by and through her.

Kate honed in on things which are very pertinent to my development. Things which will assist me now, in my desire to uncover my more enlightened Self.

As always, I did not take this reading as being something I need to live by to the endth degree, however, the information given is certainly valuable for the possibilities for my development and also, if necessary, preparing me for the negative things which may occur, and I am able to avoid because of awareness.I am continuing to benefit from the session, as the messages are of a far deeper energy than first experienced. Blessings to you Kate and thank you.”Jan, Australia

“Had a session with Kate several weeks ago. I particularly appreciated her calm and common sense approach and the accuracy of her insights. If you are looking for clarity and support, Kate is definitely someone who can facilitate this with and for you. Many thanks Kate.”
Trilby, Te Anau

“I am pleased to write another testimonial for Kate… her readings give me so much guidance on my path ahead and they are amazingly accurate! She is a wonderful medium and Spiritual coach as well as psychic, able to offer advice on techniques which will help sort out any issues I have or healing that I need to explore and work on. I look forward to my readings with Kate very much, they give me inspiration, hope and advice on what is coming up in the months ahead, they really keep me on track and on my path. I hope you get the chance to have a reading with Kate sometime too.”
– Cheers Leesa 🙂 Lyttelton, New Zealand