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Soul Healings by email


Advanced Soul Healing through the Akashic Records by email


An Advanced Soul Healing Reading is a session to clear blocks and restrictions at a Soul level. I access the Akashic Records to find the stuck energy that impacts your life today. I then clear those blocks so that you’re not carrying around needless baggage.


There’s so much that happens on a soul level. We don’t realize how much that impacts us and shapes who we are.


Obstacles that might be hindering you include vows, curses, spells, entity attachments from this lifetime or past lives, bindings, contracts, earthbound spirits, implants, portalways, negatively charged objects, ghosts, poltergeists and more.


Often times, people have a Soul Healing Reading after they’ve tried everything else. It seems to shift issues that are often hard to detect and all else has been exhausted.


Most people who are attracted to my healings have past life aspects impacting them. I like to focus on the healing aspect and don’t offer a lot of pages of text about your past lives for information sake. I like to get to the heart of the blockage.


The Advanced Soul Healing Reading is deep but gentle, subtle but impactful.


After receiving an Advanced Soul Healing, you will feel:


  • An easing up from restrictions
  • Freeing up a deeper part of yourself and your soul
  • Freeing up something that was blocked
  • A sense of peace, freedom, relaxation and of letting go
  • A sense you can now exhale
  • Able to move past an obstruction
  • More connected to yourself
  • More in alignment with your path
  • More expansion and not as stagnant or held back


Past clients have said they feel more connected to who they’re meant to be and to who they are inside.


This Advanced Soul Healing Reading is especially powerful for healers because they will feel more confident in moving forward.


Often times, healers and those who don’t feel connected to their Spiritual side will have past lives as witches, which deeply impact moving forward in their business. They want to be visible but have a need to stay invisible to feel safe.


I will need your full name, your full name at birth, your place of birth and your date of birth. (If you don’t have one of these requirements, email me)


I will send you a report by email after I have done the healing.



Installments – US$91.67 x 3 WEEKLY payments

Installments – US$91.67 x 3 FORTNIGHTLY payments

“I feel like a ton has been lifted from my shoulders, I feel more care free, I feel lighter, I feel clearer, Im not so congested, I feel like I could handle anything chucked at me, Im not missing my overseas friends like I used to and feel more at home here and now, Im happier than Ive been in so long I cant remember and Im not really questioning it, Im just damn well enjoying it…”
– Rob, NZ

“I SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!!! I’m sure the healing you did for me has helped. I turned off the light at 11.30pm and woke at 6am…. brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Especially after months and months and months of waking every hour. I can’t believe it!”
– Red, NZ

Advanced Soul Healing – Mini by email


A Mini Advanced Soul Healing is a stand alone session but can also follow on from the Advanced Soul Healing session. But in saying that, it can be used on it’s own. It is designed to target specific situations that show up in your life.


For example, you can focus on clearing issues around:


  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Spiritual disconnection
  • Any area of your life you feel blocked in


I will send you a report by email.


1 ISSUE US$135

Soul Relationship Profile & Healing through the Akashic Records by email


  • Do you want to know or connect with someone on a soul level?
  • Do you have a deep connection with someone but blocks are in the way?
  • Do you feel a sense of loss around this person even though there’s nothing you have lost?

Relationships are a huge factor on our path of evolution. They can be the joy or the bane of our existence.


In the Soul Relationship Profile & Healing, you will find out how a relationship in your life contributes to your soul growth. It can be a romantic relationship or relationship with a friend, sibling, child, parent, co-worker, boss, ex-husband. etc.


The Soul Relationship Profile & Healing helps you:


  • Get to know a person on a soul level
  • Release blockages in the relationship
  • Bring clarity to why there is disconnection in a relationship
  • Understand your deeper yearning for a connection with someone
  • Gain a sense of the truth
  • Know some of the lifetimes you’ve shared with that person


You will find out:


  • How many lifetimes you have shared on Earth together
  • If you have a karmic debt together
  • If you have a soul contract
  • If you have an agreement to do spiritual development together
  • What percentage are positive or negative learning experiences
  • What your life lesson is that you’re learning through this relationship
  • What percentage is complete as far as this lesson goes
  • How many blocks and restrictions are present in all areas of relationships, in all of the current relationships and specifically to this person


I will do a healing to clear these restrictions. As a result of this Healing, you may feel:


  • Deeper acceptance about this person
  • An understanding and confirmation of what you already know about this person
  • Ease around the knowledge about this person
  • Not as conflicted about the relationship because of this understanding
  • Please note, this healing is heavy on the healing and is not a psychic reading about your relationship. I won’t be telling you if someone is your soulmate in the sense that we only have one person for us, and we have to find that person.


Typically if people are drawn to this reading they will have past life issues contributing to their blocks in their relationship. But I can pick up current life energies as well.


If you want a current life reading of a relationship you may be best to book an Intuitive reading.


I will send you a report by email.



Installments – $110 x 2 WEEKLY payments

Installments – $110 x 2 FORTNIGHTLY payments