Spirit Guide Reading & Life Lesson Reading


Spirit Guide Profile Reading through the Akashic Records by email


Each of us has 4-6 guides in our lifetime, these Beings have been incarnated here on Earth and have moved on to assist us. Unlike Angels who have never incarnated.


Reasons people want this Reading:


  • You want to know who is spiritually assisting you
  • You are looking for a relationship with your Guides
  • You want validation about what you may already sense
  • It will make the relationship feel much more solid because somebody else picked it up
  • It eases your doubt that you’re not just making it up


I help people by making visible what is invisible. You are given an insight into your relationship with your Guides, which feels reassuring, knowing there’s something else there helping Guide your life.


Find out who each of your Guides are and what they are here to assist you with. You will find out if they are male or female energy, and what message they have for you at this time.


I will tell you what age you were when you hired these Guides.


This is a report by email.



Installments – US$83.33 x 3 WEEKLY payments

Installments – US$83.33 x 3 FORTNIGHTLY payments

Life Lesson Reading through the Akashic Records by email


At a soul level, we have come to Earth to grow and we choose life lessons to do this. The Life Lesson Reading through the Akashic Records helps you validate that you’re on the right track. If you’re curious about what you’re here to learn, this reading can confirm what already know to be true in your heart.


In this reading, I will access the Akashic Records to find out:


  • What your primary and secondary life lessons are. You will have one primary life lesson and between three and six secondary life lessons
  • You will experience either positive or negative life experiences to further your growth in these lessons
  • What percentage you are complete in learning these life lessons
  • If these life lessons are scheduled to be completed in this lifetime
  • If this is the first lifetime you have been working on these Life Lesson
  • What life area you are choosing to experience these Life Lessons in, ie: family, profession, finances, relationships etc


There is no clearing work with this reading. I will send you a report by email.



Installments – US$100 x 2 WEEKLY payments

Installments – US$100 x 2 FORTNGHTLY payments