The Number 1 Fear People Have About Cord Cutting

Without a doubt the biggest concern people have when contacting me or booking a Cord Cutting session is:


“Will I lose this person from my life?”


I can never say never, but I remind people that we are clearing away the toxic energy from the relationship, and tell people:


“You can’t cut with Love.”


Perhaps it’s the use of the word “Cut”. People think that something is severed. When really we’re just taking out the garbage and cleaning up all the clutter.


Some people of course want the person they are cutting with out of their lives, out of their thoughts and energy field. They want to move on and want to disentangle.


I understand this fear though, I’ve had it myself. In working through my list of cordee’s the hardest people for me to cut with were my children. When in fact they were the most profound shifts I’ve had.


My relationship with one son has been so much better since the session a few years back and our relationship became more current, not loaded up with old baggage that was really over and done with, but we still were carrying old energetic debris.


I’ve heard some amazing stories after the energy has been cleared with cutting cords of attachment. People sharing feelings they haven’t shared in years, people coming out from the woodwork, relationships rekindled, relationships ended a few days after.


I can’t say how the energy will affect your relationship, all I know is that helps you move on and feel clearer and more centred. We don’t need other people’s energy, and their decsions, still affecting our energy system, no matter how many years on it may be.