Witch Trial/Church Clearing

Witch Trial/Church Clearing by email

The Witch Trials that swept the world for a good 300 years or more, had such an impact on our ability to feel safe in our environment, to trust people, to trust our own inner knowing, to speak up, and much much more.


Many people today, especially sensitive people like psychics and healers, find it hard to speak up, have throat problems, trust their intuition, want to stay invisible and hide, not to draw attention to themselves.


You may also have trapped energy from being an accuser.


There is an unconscious loyalty and protection of these times and the accusation and persecution of these men and women. It’s not that long ago really in terms of generations.


Spirit is calling us to step up and offer our gifts to the world, but we can feel twisted like a pretzel trying to hide and stay silent yet we feel such a deep desire to share our truth.


After payment I will need you to email me your name, date of birth. I will email you whether this clearing was from a Past Life or an Ancestor, and who.


You can buy as many as you want, I have found people who are drawn to this can have quite a few energies to be cleared from various sources.


1 Witch Trial/Church Clearing by Email US$15