Business As A Spiritual Path

My Son

The past 3 weeks I have been helping my son out with his business while his Office Manager was away on holiday. My son and I have had an on/off relationship around his business, we butt heads a lot because we are both strongly opinionated around business and the way we want things done.


He had fired me as his book keeper and I was deeply sad about this, I couldn’t work out why because it really was a distraction from focusing on my own business. It was more than having a way to connect with him because we are close and talk everyday anyway.


I have had a lot of trauma around *business*, having been sexually abused in the workplace when I was 18, and also doing the books for my ex’s business who had his head in the sand around finances.


Spiritual Calling

I then realised that Business was part of my spiritual calling.


I think business is a way that Spirit calls us forward as part of showing up more fully and putting ourselves out there.


There are two aspects to business, there’s the nature of the business, ie: I do healing, and then there’s all the other things you do to run your business.


I had thought I just had to do those in order to do what I love, but I realised you can’t separate one part from the other. The two go together. My lessons are coming through my business.


I have to deal with fear of handling money, asking for money, visibility, having a voice, how to deal with conflict, feeling exposed and vulnerable, how to show up, how to have faith, trust in people, feeling good enough, belief in myself, how to stand up for myself, knowing when to ask for help, knowing what to do myself, how to deal with overwhelm, my relationship with chaos and order, knowing when to let something go, how to deal with tension and relaxation,  surrendering to Spirit and so much more.


Business is Grounding

Everything I have learned on my Spiritual journey I apply to the business side of my vocation. From getting an idea and then birthing it into creation in a physical way.

The business side is grounding, but it is more than just getting the details of things done. How you have a relationship with the business side of your business is no different than how you have a relationship with any other parts of your life.

Do you endure the business side of what you do or do you see how it’s part of your calling?