Does the Universe have your back?

I wanted to share a story from my life that embodied for me that the Universe has my back.


15 months ago my ex partner of 10 years told me out of the blue he was leaving me. Of course now I see that was all perfect but at the time I was devastated, he was the love of my life, but obviously I wasn’t for him.


Anyway, after having been in some kind of relationship for 25 years I was in shock about how I was going to survive on my own. I had spent most of my time raising our kids, and supporting my partners in their jobs. The way I had been raised. Make someone else’s life run smoother. Sounds simplistic but whatever I wanted to do professionally always felt like some little hobby I had.


He didn’t leave for 3 months which was hugely challenging, but not long before he left, an old friend out of the blue emailed me to tell me he had won first division in lotto, 1 million dollars, and wanted to show his gratitude to me for how he felt I had been a friend to him over the years, and asked me to let him know whatever I wanted.


Needless to say I cried for days about that. He saw me right to get up on my feet and was there just when I needed some kind of stability.


Whenever I’m scared and worried about how I’m going to manage, I remember how Rob was there when I needed an anchor.


Thanks Rob Browning 🙂


How have you experienced the Universe having your back?