If you want to know what he’s thinking why not ask him yourself?

Sounds pretty logical but it’s not!


This by far is the most popular question I’m asked as a psychic.


If it was that easy to ask him what hes feeling or thinking, then there’d be no need to ask a psychic. There’s a very common theme as far as this type of relationship goes, by the time I’m asked. Women get anxious when there’s distance in a relationship. When he’s silent and when he’s not communicating. For whatever reason it’s got to that stage, where the man chooses not to communicate his feelings or intentions, I know that only on the rare occasion all is well in their world. And he’s just the quiet type.


I think often times some women go for these types  in the start of a relationship, because he is mysterious, because he isn’t telling them what to do and smothering them, and because we want what we can’t have and him being a wee bit emotionally unavailable hooks us in. So when they want him to talk, thats not they type of guy they’ve chosen.


Initially in a relationship we want to see the other person the way we want to see them, we see the good stuff, that’s why we’re so delirious, but that initial romance novel stage always wears off. And often times the trait we liked in our partner initially is the thing that bugs us in the end.


If it’s got to the stage that you have to ask a psychic what he’s thinking, then there are more ingrained problems than just knowing the answer.


I’m not saying don’t ask, but be aware that not being able to ask him is part of your problem to start with.