Right Order in the Universe

Ive been listening to some wonderful speakers on Suzanne Falter-Barns Spiritual Marketing telesummit.


I always like to pass on great information and one of the speakers, Darius Barazandeh, was awesome. He did a wee process that took only a few minutes and it felt like it was a huge piece of a healing process for me. What a gift!!!


Here’s the gist of what he was saying.


The Universe has an order to it.


Everything that has happened to you has happened for a reason. There’s a higher order to our lives.


We are way more than our conscious minds are aware of.


In our lives we pay people to take chaos and turn it into order.


Pain is not due to what happened, but its due to our estimate of it being out of alignment with our soul values.


The process he took us through was as follows:


Take a memory of something in your life that has pain. Perhaps not a horribly deep pain at this stage. Now think positively about it. Now think about your response and how you feel in your body.


Think about what you value in life: ie, your family, your kids, your friends, your work.


Now take that negative memory and align it with your values.


What did it teach you?
How has it made you stronger?
How has it made you more aware?
Would you have the same values had this not happened?
Would you be as open?
Woud you be as heartfelt?
How did that situation prepare you for a greater role in life? On the planet?
Look at this memory as if it was 10 years on and see the order to it.
How do you feel now?
What do you feel in your heart?


When I did this exercise I took the memory of having an abortion 7.5 years ago. My life was hellish because of it. So much self punishment, guilt, depression.




When I did this exercise, the relief I felt when seeing this in a positive light was like nothing I’ve felt around this painful bunch of memories.
Its taken me on such a journey. I am such a different person now than I was before it. The soul journey I have been on and the places and information and new level of awareness has been profoundly life changing. I wouldn’t be doing readings now if it wasn’t for that. It gave me my vocation.
Its all too easy to be stuck in knowing a situation has caused you pain, I think abortion, its just normal for me to go to guilt etc. But seeing it in the right divine order and through a positive filter has really altered my feelings.
Thanks Darius, the gift of healing can come with so much surprise and wonderment.